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WIPjoy Week Four

This week was titled Deep Stuff Week. The questions were actually a lot harder to answer, but off we go!

Day 18: Share a line that hints at your theme.

Now the song that had been her comfort was her nightmare.

Day 19: What’s one big reason you’re writing this story?

Well for one, this story wouldn’t let me rest until I wrote it. I have always wanted to write a fantasy novel. Also, my roommates were so enthusiastic about the idea that I felt like it was time I got serious about writing and actually finish a story for once.

Day 20: What kind of reader desperately needs this book?

Hm, the reader needs to love fantasy obviously. I think someone who is looking for a story that doesn’t necessarily end in a happily ever after would enjoy this book.

Day 21: What’s been your biggest challenge with this WIP?

My biggest problem is not having time to write. I was making a lot of progress until school started. My WIP feels so neglected because I haven’t touched it at all recently. This has given me time to think of other ideas for projects that I also don’t have time for, so it’s never ending cycle of joy.

Day 22: Represent your WIP with a single image.


This is a sketch I did of a possible book cover. It was so hard to find an actual picture because I felt like one picture was not enough. I wanted to use every picture of a forest I found because that’s where my MC feels at home. But I guess this should do for now.

Day 23: What aspect of the book is the most unique?

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a story about someone who had immortality and lost it, so they are searching for a way to restore it. So, I think that bit is unique. I tried to introduce different cultures besides your typical medieval Europe. I’m hoping I did it well. Also, the ending isn’t a fairy tale ending.

Day 24: Share a line that’s a fantastic example of your writing voice.

Yikes. Can I skip this question? I’m not sure any line fits the word “fantastic” besides the fact that my novel is a fantasy. (See what I did there) But here you go.

“You’d think since elves are immortal, they’d have a little more patience.”

Thanks for reading! See ya next week!

Toodles x


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