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The Twins Take Over Week

Me: For this blog post, the twins Lyn and Rond will be taking over! Guys, why don’t you introduce yourse-

Lyn: HELLO! Wait, who are we speaking to? I don’t see anyone?

Me: It’s an interview. You’ll answer the questions now and then I’ll post it for people to see.

Lyn: So, we won’t actually meet these “people” in person?

Me: That is correct.

Lyn: That’s… not what I was expecting when you told us about this.

Me: YOU PINNED ME TO THE GROUND so that I would let you do this. Are you baking out now?

Rond: No, of course not! Lyn is just a little shocked, that’s all. Please continue.

Me: Thank you, Rond. Please introduce yourselves and then you pretty much have free reign over the rest of the post. But don’t get too crazy with it!

Lyn: Right, okay. I’m speaking to no one. This isn’t weird at all…

Rond: Our names are Lyndergin and Rondisken and we are from the Western Shore. However, you can call us Lyn and Rond if you prefer.

Me: Why don’t you describe yourselves?



Lyn: Wow… I’ve never seen that side of you before… *ahem* anyways. In case the ladies are wondering, we are devilishly handsome. And incredibly strong. I wrestled a shark once.

Rond: It was a baby shark.

Lyn: It was still a shark with VERY sharp teeth!

Rond: Everyone in the Western Shore has a darker complexion because of the intense sunlight. We also have blonde hair that we let grow into tangled strands.

Me: They might understand better if you say dreads.

Rond: Dreads? But why would they be called dreads? They aren’t dreadful.

Me: I’m sorry. Please keep going. I won’t interrupt anymore.

Lyn: So we have “dreads.” What else do you want to know?

Me: Since you guys are twins, how can we tell you apart?

Lyn: Rond has a scar on his bottom lip that I don’t have.

Rond: Hey… Do you think we should have told Rehin that when we first met her?

Lyn: Nah… I’m sure she figured it out.

Me: Yeah she wasn’t confused at all…

Lyn: What was that?

Me: On to the questions!

Day 11: Share a deep regret.

Rond: Blistering Suns, that got personal fast.

Lyn: They really want to know our deepest regret? Why?

Me: They’re sadists.

Rond: Wow. Well, I guess our deepest regret is not being able to save our mother..

Lyn: In our defense, we were too young. But still, we weren’t there when it happened. Maybe if we had been…

Rond: *cough* Perhaps we should move on to the next question.

Day 12: How do you really feel about a character closest to you?

Lyn: *laughs* This one is all yours, Rond.

Rond: What?! I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lyn: Oh come on, man. We all know about your feelings for Re-

Rond: LYN! What if she hears?

Me: Don’t worry, guys. Rehin won’t hear anything you say. Neither will the other characters.

Rond: *grumbles* Who said anything about Rehin…

Lyn: Brother, please, just get it over with. It’s painful.

Rond: Okay, so I’ve been developing feelings for Rehin. She’s just so strong and smart, not to mention beautiful. The way she fights is just impressive.

Lyn: She’s so closed off, though. It’s like pulling shark teeth to get anything out of her.

Rond: But that’s only because something happened in her past to make her that way.

Lyn: She’s also super pale. There’s no way she’d last long in the Western Shore. Rond had to build her a portable hut just for the few days we were home!

Rond: Let’s just move on to the next question…

Day 13: Weapon of choice

Lyn: Finally, something fun to talk about! Rond and I both fight with Chakrams. They are half circle blades that can fit together to form a full circle. We are very skilled with them, though of course I am the better fighter.

Rond: Lyn, please, this is hardly the time.

Lyn: What do you mean? It’s the perfect time!

Rond: Next question!

Lyn: When do I get to say that?

Day 14: How do you feel about romance?

Lyn: *laughs* Here we go again, Rond.

Rond: No, I answered the other one. You talk about romance for a change.

Lyn: Fine, I will. So, if I were to ever settle down with someone, she’d have to be amazing. I need a strong woman who can keep up with me. And of course she’ll be beautiful. Our babies will b-

Rond: Lyn, please.

Lyn: No, you said for me to answer this one, so I will! See, in the Western Shore, we have a Leader. The way we choose the Leader is by finding the strongest couple. This couple’s first born is to be the next Leader. So when I find myself the strongest, most beautiful woman in all the Western Shore, then we WILL be picked to bear the next Leader.

Rond: Next question.

Lyn: Blistering Suns, Rond! I wanted to say it!

Day 15: How do you feel about your author?

The Twins:

Me: What?

Lyn: We don’t… really like the author.

Me: WHAT?! Why??

Lyn: Well… She’s made a lot of bad things happen in our story. There’s lots of death and torture…

Rond: And unrequited love…

Me: But… But… Those things had to happen, okay? Believe it or not, I didn’t have control over a lot of that stuff!

Rond: Did you have control over the death of V-


Day 16: Any words for future fans of you?

Lyn: Well, to all of the beautiful, strong women out there-

Rond: Lyn, I don’t think you’ll actually meet these “fans.” They’ll just read about you.

Lyn: Oh… Then I don’t have any words.

Rond: I guess I would say, please don’t take too much pleasure from our pain. Our author really put us through a lot. I mean, the death of V-


Day 17: When alone, do you make faces in the mirror? Fess up.

Rond: Lyn does this all the time when he sees his reflection in water. He flexes his biceps at himself, too.

Lyn: Rond makes kissy faces at himself.

Rond: I DO NOT.

Me: I think that’s enough for this blog post. Say bye, guys!

Lyn: Farewell, people of the Net Lands.

Rond: I thought it was the Inter Lands.

Me: Internet. It’s not a land, it’s… You know what, forget it.

Rond: Farewell, my good people! Don’t forget to read our story so you can avenge us.

Lyn: Yes! Really give our author a hard time about our sorry tale.

The Twins: *bows in the traditional Western Shore fashion*

Me: Don’t forget to comment below! Let the Twins know what you think of them! They might just answer back! 😉


10 thoughts on “The Twins Take Over Week

  1. Ah! Rebecca, you have to very nice boys here! My brothers are actually twins. Lyn and Rond, you remind me of them ever so slightly. 😉
    The Western Shore sounds awesome, too. You don’t happen to have a travel programs or ways I could get there… do you? 😉 I love the ocean.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rond: I can already tell your brothers are wonderful people.
      Lyn: You don’t need a “travel program” if I’m here, whatever that is.
      Rond: Lyn, don’t.
      Lyn: I can take you there anytime you like. 😉
      Rond: But to get there from here, you have to go through Naladia..
      Lyn: Blistering Suns… Jeneca, I hope you don’t mind haunted forests.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so sosososo funny! Now i just want to find out more about your book. I’m a twin too and this is a lot like my relationship with my sister. The way you stopped them giving out spoilers=hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me: Ah thank you!!
      Lyn: I’m glad you want to know more about our story. However, you may have to wait because our author is taking an insane amount of time to work on it. She hasn’t written anything in months!
      Me: I’m in school, okay? It’s hard..

      Liked by 1 person

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