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WIPjoy Week Two

Hello again! I have had so much fun reading everyone’s WIPjoy responses on Twitter! This week, the questions were all about Settings and Backstories. Again, art is by @Knightette on Twitter.

Day 4: What emotions do you evoke with your setting?

So I had to ask my roommate who has read bits of the story because I honestly wasn’t sure. I knew a little of what I wanted to convey, but since setting was not my main focus during the first draft, I wasn’t sure how much had gotten through. But I felt her answer was better than anything I could have said, so here it is. “Transcendence. I automatically got the feeling that this was going to be about more than just good vs evil but the spiritual vs the physical world and also good for one vs good for all.” Thanks roomie! (Follow her on Twitter @tck_nerd)

Day 5: Share a line with a detail about your protagonist’s past.

My protagonist’s past has recently gone through a lot of changes. (I’m doing a major rewrite and it’s scary.) Because of this, I don’t have much written that is accurate to her past now. However, there is this vague bit. Enjoy.

“Do you not want to go back?” She remained quiet, trying to figure out how to answer his question. The answer was simple. No, she had been running away from Heidun for seven years. She did not want to go back. But how could she tell him that?

Day 6: What does your antagonist love deeply?

He loves the science behind the “cure” he has long sought after. He keeps the details of the process logged in his journal with an obsessive accuracy. He also loves his race (elves). He thinks of his race as the most superior.

Day 7: Which two characters have the most interesting history?

Kydric and Dreyd have been friends since they were young elves. Dreyd was never jealous of Kydric’s royal status, except maybe the attention he got from the ladies. Dreyd was always more friendly with the ladies, so he saw Kydric’s lack of interest coupled with female elves throwing themselves at his feet a waste. Kydric had to leave for his worldly training after his 300th birthday, and so the duo was separated. When Kydric returns, Dreyd has fallen in love with a mortal and has changed because of it. Has their friendship changed as well?

Day 8: Name something experienced with each sense in your WIP.

Smell – The stench of the Gurg’s ruined flesh as she collided with it brought bile to her throat.

Sound – Dried leaves crunched as the others came around to stand behind Kydric.

Sight – She stared at a spot of blood on his cheek to avoid looking in his eyes.

Taste – She could taste the salt from her sweat as she tried to maneuver away.

Touch – She pressed her palms into the cool stone of the tabletop, hoping that would help her calm down.

Day 9: Is any part of the backstory inspired by your own life?

Not at all. A lot of the backstories were inspired by other things, even dreams I’ve had, but not my own life. However, there is a black panther that plays a significant role in one of the character’s backstories that was inspired by my cat that passed away last year. RIP Boo.

Day 10: Share a line you love about a setting.

Clouds hugged the horizon so that the sea met the sky in darkness.

Shadows and mist swirled around them so that the trees looked as though they rose out of a dream.

Elegant pillars revealed massive hallways that led deep into the cliff.

….aaand that’s all for this week! Don’t forget to tell me your thoughts below and keep on being awesome!

Toodles! x



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