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The Quest for Publication Begins… with Google

Hello again! I’ve managed to write another post. It’s a miracle. This is the first post in my Writing Adventure category. Great name, right? It’s been such a fun, exciting, not at all stressful adventure.

I recently finished writing a first draft of a fantasy novel. I’m not sharing this with you to brag (okay maybe a little bit), but rather to try to convince myself that it actually happened. I am currently in the process of revising and receiving feedback from a few friends to help me continue this journey. I am also in the process of convincing myself that they have lives, so I shouldn’t expect them to read the entire thing and send me twenty pages of feedback within twenty-four hours. I mean, that’s just crazy, right? Right.

Another thing that I have been doing is researching publishing. I have never really thought about publishing a book before (or maybe I have, but I’m just too scared to admit it.) However, since finishing this first draft, the thought of trying to publish my novel has been circling my brain like vultures, in particular the British ones from the Jungle Book. (Anyone else upset they didn’t make it into the new movie?)

This has led to many  hours on Pinterest and Google rummaging through endless blogs about the pros and cons of self and traditional publishing, how to self-publish, how to publish traditionally, and how to make piña coladas. I hope you are not reading this in hopes of finding answers, because even though I have probably read through twenty blog posts between 10:00 last night and now, which is roughly 5 in the afternoon, I feel like I have gained nothing but anxiety on the whole subject. So if anyone is reading this thinking the exact same thing, high five. Here’s to hoping we’ll actually figure something out.

Till next time. I’m hoping to post on a roughly weekly basis, so keep a look out next week for a new post. Or, you know, you could follow my blog to make things easier on yourself. Just saying.

Here’s a hint about my next post: it’s about a squirrel. A flying one, to be exact. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Toodles x


2 thoughts on “The Quest for Publication Begins… with Google

  1. Good luck! It’s certainly a daunting process. The thing that worries me most is I’ll spend years polishing one novel for publication, but then I’ll likely have to meet deadlines for ones after that, and I don’t want my quality to suffer. I need to work on time managemwnt

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