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The Obligatory Introduction

Since this is my very first blog and blog post, I decided to start by introducing myself in hopes of breaking the ice with the internet. (My other tactic is to munch on Icebreakers like candy. Is it working?)

I am that person that has way too many hobbies. People ask me “What do you like to do?” and my response is “Can you narrow that down a little?” So, naturally, I decided to add one more hobby and start a blog. I do have some plans for this blog, however. It was not created completely on a whim. (Completely is a key word here.)

There are three types of blog posts that I plan on posting. Some may be updates about my journey as a writer. Some will be reviews on the books sitting dutifully on my bookself. Others may be funny stories, moments of embarrassment on my part that may serve to entertain you. I may later come up with other categories of posts. We shall see.

I suppose to introduce myself better, I should describe these hobbies I mentioned before. I like to paint, though I don’t consider myself very good. I mainly use acrylic, but I have recently discovered the wonders of watercolor. Perhaps oil is next. I also love music. I sing and play piano. Singing, I should say, is my favorite hobby, considering I do it 24/7. The dream is to find a guy who will join me in musical duets. Any takers? My other hobby is writing. Though I have always enjoyed writing and coming up with story ideas, I did not really indulge this hobby until I started college. Just recently I finished a first draft of a fantasy novel. I will keep you all updated in its progress.

Well, I don’t think I left anything out. Till next time, whenever that is since I haven’t set up a writing schedule.. Maybe I will get the hang of this blogging thing soon…

Toodles! x


9 thoughts on “The Obligatory Introduction

  1. Welcome to the blogging community, glad to have you here =). Starting a blog is always exciting. I hope you have fun with it. Looks great so far, you’re off to a great start!
    P.S. I also like to paint, although I don’t consider myself very good either. At least theres always writing, where you can freely create anything and everything that comes to mind.


  2. Welcome to the blogging world! *waves* I am working EMS today with my “singing partner”. (We randomly burst into song and dance throughout the day). I look forward to hearing more about your stories. 🙂


  3. Yay, welcome to the community! I love writing and singing too, though I’m shy on that last one. What are you studying in school?


      1. Yep! I’m going to be a freshman, but at orientation I met others who are interested in special ed. Certainly an admirable career path.

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